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At Daian Service, Inc., we aim to develop products that make your living environment more comfortable.

By incorporating feedback from our clients, it is our hope to continuously grow and evolve our company.
In order to continue meeting our customers' changing needs, and to maintain our position as leader in our industry, we will always move forward.

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Are you fed-up with being hit directly from air blasted out by your air-con? Air Wing Series

Our long-selling Air Wing series eliminates problems with nuisance air, helping improve both circulation and comfort. Uneven temperature is eliminated, utility costs brought down and productivity increased! Cheaply and easily bring comfort to your home or place of work!

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Antibacterial Air-Con Filters Clean Filter
Sticks directly and easily to you air-con unit. The simplest way to clean air. Not only does the Clean Filter absorb allergic reaction inducing pollen and household dust, but it also suppresses the growth of bacteria and viruses that may threaten your health.
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UV protection that is easy to attach! 
Effective protection against the stains, wrinkles and cataracts that UV exposure has been known to cause. Attaches easily to the surface of the window via a special absorbtion layer. It's so simple, anyone can do it. The HaruPita is a filter of the highest grade. Its superb transparency means your perfect view won’t be spoiled.
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Effective removal of dirt from the air. Air Purifier
It's important to have the safest and most comfortable environment possible, both at home and at work. To this end, Daian Service, Inc. confidently recommends the industry's No.1 high-performance and high-function air purifier. Select the function that suits your environment.
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The Air Wing wind-breaker series resulted from years of research, testing and dedication. Made to an exceptionally high-standards, it has earned the trust and support of the air-con industry's leading manufacturers.